A note from our founder:

I guess you can say I was a reluctant entrepreneur and journalist. I was born in Tehran, raised in Brooklyn and at the age of 16 my family decided to move back to Tehran. Afterwards, I returned to NYC as a young adult. I started my broadcast career at age 19 as a reporter, evening news anchor, producer and talk show host for IRIB Channel 6, Channel 4 and Radio BBC. I covered various events including the FIFA World Cup 1998, Iran’s historic 2001 Presidential Elections and the Changing, Cultural Times during the Khatami Era. 

After a short time, I switched into survival mode and soon figured out that education was the only key to freedom for women in Tehran's culture. I started learning more. Observing more. The difficult lifestyle in the Middle East and the perception toward women led me to an epiphany. Upon my return to the United States I studied at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and California State Fullerton to receive my degree in Broadcast Journalism and worked in various news stations.

Witnessing the harsh treatment towards women in the Middle East prompted me to share my journey, and pen my first poetry collection "Lacking Lips of Time" and memoir "Shaming My Red Lips."

Everyday in Tehran I contemplated the concepts of beauty, the feminine and the expression of the true feminine. As a result I set out to create a beauty brand that explored and celebrated power, sensuality and the global feminine. 

Welcome to Poppy Farsijani where I share my story of empowerment with you.

The Poppy  collection introduces the four feminine Archetypes. Oona, Mave, Sia and Ever. We all have these archetypes living with us. From the warrior to the beauty to the all pervading and the focused and present.

Unrestricted is our second series - a series that captures the sense of freedom I have now and that I pray for every woman on this planet to know.

I am so happy to meet you here. Both my personal and fragrance information are below. Please talk with us on social media, tell us your stories, what's on your mind and stay connected! 





P.S- We are currently working on a city series. This is an exploration of some of the world’s most celebrated and controversial places for women!