Scent Your Venue

Scent Your Venue

We’ve all had the experience of walking into a room that smells absolutely delicious.  Maybe it’s your favorite store, spritzed with their signature cologne. Or maybe it’s your grandmother’s house, with wafting aromas of warm vanilla and fresh baked cookies.  Have you wondered how you might be able to capture these luxurious scents for your home, store, or venue (without having to lug around grandma’s oven)! Our fragrance experts at Desert35 have the perfect solution for you…  scent your venue with our custom reed diffusers!


What is a reed diffuser?

Reed diffusers are a major trend in fragrance right now.  You may have seen one before, maybe at an event or in a friend’s home.  It probably looked bizarre to you, like some small barbecue skewers stuck in an elegant decorative jar. But, despite its tiny appearance, these little diffusers pack a POWERFUL punch.  Diffusers allow you to fill a whole room with fragrance, allowing the scent to reach all corners of a space and linger for as long as you desire. They are a great alternative to candles because the scent will continue wafting throughout your space day and night, without the constant maintenance of relighting and extinguishing a flame.

Scent Your Venue

So, how does it work?

Diffusers are made from the natural rattan reed.  These reeds are very porous, with long tube-like channels running vertically along them.  These reeds act like little straws, soaking up oil from the bottom of a bottle and dispersing the scent.  This allows the fragrance to waft freely and circulate throughout the air. The more diffusers you place in your room or venue, the more powerful and potent the scent will be.


How long does it last?

Typically, a reed diffuser will last for approximately 3 or 4 months, with some variation.  If you notice the scent begin to dull, you can simply flip the reeds over in the bottle for a fresh burst of scent.  Additionally, you can add more fresh reeds to an old bottle to keep the scent flowing more freely.


What venues can I scent?

Desert35 custom diffusers are perfect for any occasion, large or small!  Some excellent options might include weddings, baby showers, concerts/music events, corporate events, and more!  The larger the event, the more diffusers we suggest you purchase to really fill the whole space with fragrance. A scented venue will certainly help you capture the emotion of the day and seal in special memories for your guests.

Scent Your Venue

Can I gift it?

Not only will we scent your venue, but our reed diffusers also make excellent takeaway gifts for your guests! Our Desert35 diffusers come elegantly packaged in giftable sizes, which are perfect for distributing as favors to guests and event attendees.  It is a perfect practical gift, and will leave your attendees’ homes smelling wonderful for months to come. Scent is so highly linked to memory, so every time they smell it they’ll be reminded of your special day!


How much will it cost?

Our pricing varies, depending on order size.  Our minimum order size is 50 diffusers, which is priced at $700.  We offer discounted rates as you increase your order size, so you’re getting a great deal!  

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