The Poppy Collection: Feminine & Spicy

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10 ml Eau de Parfum

Poppy: Feminine & Spicy is centered around how a female can be simple and still be richly sensual, deep and mysterious. Top notes open with plum leading way to the heart of white flowers with a woody sandalwood and vetiver base.

  • Long Lasting
  • Subtle Blend of Fruity (opening notes), Floral, and Oud
  • Natural Oils Included (Part of Poppy Collection)
  • Modern, Sensual, Warm With Hints of Mystery
  • Drop in makeup bag & small enough to pass airport security- Great for on the go!


Inspired by Sharon Farsijani’s memoir, Shaming My Red Lips, The Poppy Collection: The Power of Authenticity captures the emotions connected to a female’s journey of self discovery. The Poppy fragrances emphasize that your authenticity is your most precious asset. Value You. Love You.

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