Create Custom Scent: Online Parfum Journey

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We will create a custom scent specifically for you, engraved with your name in this luxury box. The perfect customized/ personalized item for you or a unique gift for your loved ones.

We create Eau De Parfums & Eau De Colognes for both men and women.

Luxury Gift Sets Include:

-Handcrafted Luxury Box Labeled w/ Initials
-50ml Designer Perfume Bottle Engraved w/ Initials & Specific Date
-Signature Perfume Blend
-7.5ml Travel Bottle w/ Signature Perfume

Click here to go on an online parfum journey to create your signature scent. 



There is nothing more special than creating a custom scent for yourself, a friend, a partner or as favors for guests for any occasion. At Desert35 we revolutionize the experience by weaving together perfume notes based on your mood and personality, ultimately, creating a fragrance that suits you.

Let the journey begin and express your creativity.


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