How to Pick an Age Appropriate Fragrance

Many people find it hard to choose an age appropriate fragrance. Do you remember the first perfume you ever bought? The first fragrance I remember purchasing for myself was an extra sweet and fruity “Seduction” body spray.  My young teen self was intrigued by the alluring promises of seduction and femininity. The fragrance smelled of sweet melon, plum and bright floral freesia. I thought it was absolutely divine.  This spray became my go to – I bathed and twirled my body through it in the mornings before middle school. As mom drove me to school each morning, she whined to me that my beloved perfume was giving her a migraine and that I should stop using it.  I thought she was crazy! How could she dislike something so delicious? I ignored her advice, and continued to bask in my favorite scent.

Years passed and I began to incorporate new fragrances into my routine, experimenting with more high-end brands and celebrity perfumes.  Eventually, my bottle of Seduction was abandoned and gathered dust at the back of my shelf. Just recently, I was doing a massive overhaul cleanup project, and I rediscovered my old bottle of Seduction.   I was so excited! I quickly uncapped it, spritzed a few sprays into the air, and happily twirled under it as I had in my youth. I breathed in deep, expecting to be welcomed by the comforting fruits and flora I had loved so deeply… but no!  This couldn’t be right!? As the smell penetrated my nose, I felt like I was suffocating. This sickly sweet candy smell enveloped me in a strange and unfamiliar way. It was… unpleasant?

This incident got me wondering, why is it that our scent preferences change so dramatically with age?  Is it possible to age out of a favorite scent?

I’ve put together a guide to help you select the best age appropriate fragrance for every age range.


Fun and sweet scents are best for this age range.  Kids and pre-teens might enjoy scents with bright packaging, body glitters, and fun fruity notes.  Easy application methods are preferred, such as roll on or light body sprays. You’re young! It’s best to keep it mild, bright and youthful, without overdoing it.


At this age, teens and young adults may begin exploring their femininity and take interest in more widely popular fragrances.  Celebrity-branded scents are a popular choice because they’re affordable and high quality, and the pop culture aspect appeals to this generation in masses.  The most important thing to remember for this age range is to keep it youthful. No need to go too sexy or sophisticated.


20-somethings are beginning to develop their own unique and personal identities, and need a fragrance to match! With greater incomes and budgets than before, they may begin to shop brand name and high-end fragrances for the first time. An age appropriate fragrance should be something uplifting, bright, and sunny that will instill confidence while still reflecting maturity in the workplace.  It is ok to switch it up a bit – after all, you’re still discovering your identity and your tastes may rapidly change.


Women in this age range have, by now, established themselves in the workplace and reached a full level of maturity.  Your go-to scent should be classy and sophisticated, without being too “grandmotherly”. You may also have a serious significant other – it is important to take his or her tastes into consideration to make sure they also find your fragrance to be attractive and pleasant.


By this stage in your life you most likely have established yourself, your work, and your predominant relationships.  You know what you like, and may gravitate towards a signature scent. Be sure to pick something that’s timeless and classic – if you’re going to be wearing it every day, you want to be sure it doesn’t become dated or old fashioned.  Use your past experience with fragrance to determine which notes you prefer and which you dislike. It’s all about making yourself happy – no need to please anybody else!


We hope our guide can help you choose the best age appropriate fragrance for whatever range you fall under!  The key is, wear what smells good to YOU.  After all, your own opinion is the most important!

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