How and Where to Apply Perfume for Long Lasting Wear

Although CoCo Chanel once said you should apply perfume where you want to be kissed, it is pertinent to know the most important area to apply that will keep your scent lasting all day long. Continue scrolling to read, How and Where to Apply Perfume for Long Lasting Wear…

Perfume for Long Lasting Wear

The Pulse Points
The “pulse points” also known as your inner wrists, the base of the throat, behind your ears, behind your knees, and the inner elbows. These locations on your body are where your blood vessels are closest to the surfaces of your skin. The reasoning behind spraying or applying your fragrances to your “Pulse Points” is that these spots exude heat which in return can assist with your fragrance radiating in the air. You can think of it as the same way an essential oil diffuser works. As you continue to wear the scent throughout the day and as your body heats up, it will help make your scent last throughout the entire day without needing to reapply every few hours.

How to Apply Perfume
This may seem simple but more often than not, people are not applying their perfume correctly leaving their skin sticky or waisting their luxurious fragrance. Be cautious not to rub your wrists together after applying as that breaks down the fragrance leaving you smelling less desirable than if you let it seep into your skin naturally.

Some love to spray their perfume in the air and then walking through it. Although this is a method, it is not a suggested way of applying perfume if you are on a budget or wanting to make your perfume last to the very last drop. When spraying into the air, a large portion of your perfume goes to waste!

Lastly, we can’t express enough to always apply your scent before putting on your clothes and jewelry. Some perfumes, colognes, fragrances can leave an everlasting stain to many different fabrics and jewelry.
It’s better to play it safe than to take the chance on your favorite tee or everyday necklace!

Perfuming the Hair
Similar to spiriting the air and walking through it, misting your hair will leave a subtle scent but is not ideal especially when using an essential oil. You don’t want others mistaking that you just jumped out of the shower because half way through the work day your hair is oily from the scent your sprayed in the morning. We suggest to keep it to your skin.

As perfume experts, we feel it is our duty to tell you the inside tips and tricks regarding perfume for long lasting wear. Keep these notes in mind and we assure you, you will start to smell a difference! -Desert35 Fragrance Team

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