The Poppy Collection and Unrestricted Eau De Parfums are inspired by emotions from Shaghayegh (aka Sharon or 'Poppy') Farsijani's memoir regarding her journey of self discovery as a Brooklyn teenager transported back to Iran and turned reporter and evening news anchor.

Emotions connected to the creation of these scents signifies one belief: remaining true to yourself no matter what the circumstance or situation.

Poppy shares her true story and all its hardships, setbacks, intimacies, and victories because in the end, they led her to security, hope and finally self-discovery. Desert35 perfumes blends have been carefully selected to convey the emotions of feeling completely Unrestricted in your limitless reality while being fearless, confident and simply your true feminine self.

The way she lays her life out in these pages might serve as a source of inspiration for someone to remember that, above all, staying true to yourself and standing up for what you believe in—no matter the consequences—is the greatest accomplishment you can hope to achieve.