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We are honored to share that AROOS Magazine has interviewed our Founder, Sharon Farsijani. Before you start scrolling to read through the Q & A, we want to introduce you to AROOS Magazine as we have made a presence in the Orange County Wedding market through such an amazing publication.


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Desert35 in AROOS Magazine
Desert35 in AROOS Magazine

I grew up in Brooklyn, NY and was a reporter for many years before diving into the world of fragrances. Upon returning to my hometown of New York City I had been to so many weddings (either as a bridesmaid or guest) and various occasions that I wanted to create a product to seal the memory of the special day and show how much everyone involved in the process is appreciated. – Sharon Farsijani, Founder of Desert35 Fragrances and Author of Shaming My Red Lips

Q: Let’s dive a little deeper into your background as we know that played a huge role in the curation of Desert35 Fragrances. Can you let us a little more about where you came from and how it led to where you are now?

Traveling from Brooklyn to Tehran to California and now back to my hometown of New York City, I have had the opportunity to perfect some of the best occupations that I hold near and dear to my heart; Reporter, Anchor, Author, Lehman Brothers Communication Director. Before parting ways to create Desert35 Fragrances, I worked with Martha Stewart. I am proudly the CEO/ Founder of Desert35 Fragrances creating not only a line for customizing your signature scent along with scents for weddings and special occasions but also two distinct lines of fragrances inspired by emotions from my memoir. My memoir called, Shaming My Red Lips, takes you on a ride with me through all the emotions I felt through the troubling times leading up to my success and where I am now.

Q: What is Desert35 and how did you get into the wedding industry?

Desert35 Fragrances is a luxury perfume and cologne company, based in New York City,  creating scents for weddings, bridal showers, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs and all special occasions; along with custom fragrances for individuals.

Fragrances are the ultimate expression of you.  At Desert35, we collaborate with you to create that expression through your own signature fragrance. Our specialists utilize your personality and mood, along with over 50 different fragrance notes, to create a one-of-a-kind perfume or cologne. Alongside our master perfumers we are the intersection of fashion, high end scent design blended with natural oils. Your finalized fragrance comes in a luxury labeled box filled in a high-quality personalized designer bottle which can be custom engraved or monogrammed. It is the perfect addition to any event to help remember that specific day!

It all began with the initial idea after I was a bridesmaid at so many of my friend’s weddings and was constantly being asked what should be gifted to the bridal party. One day, it came to me that why doesn’t my fragrance company create the scent specifically for my friend’s wedding. Many don’t realize but it gives you an opportunity to relive that day by taking you down memory lane every time you spray or wear it. Desert35 has the ability to recreate that same formula as it will always be saved in our database. It’s really an extension of the couple’s creativity, popped in a bottle and wrapped up nicely in a luxurious box. Every event attendee is always wanting to give the couple something special and unique and this is the perfect option to do just that!

Q: What is the process?

We begin with the personality quiz. Then, we determine we determine the mood that you are trying to convey we send it to the lab. We produce four unique samples and let you pick your preferred scent. And then we head into production which normally takes 2-21/2 months. After production, we package them in luxury bottles. To add a personal touch, we engrave the newlywed’s names, newborn baby, anniversary dates, or individual customer names, as well as their special celebration dates. They are then put in luxury boxes and send it off!

Q: Why is scent so unique?

Let me start off by saying our perfume is as unique as a fingerprint. I truly believe that perfume is your personal scented slogan and a reflector of your heart. Our nose is just a funnel, and the sense of smell is really a complex system, parts of which sit right next to where our memories and emotions are stored in the brain. More than that, unlike our senses of sight, sound and touch, our sense of smell does not pass through the analytical, more highly-developed part of our brain first – it bypasses the frontal cortex and heads straight to the earliest, most primitive part of our brain. You get an emotional, ‘gut reaction’ first before the smell is processed consciously. So, while our other senses are just as capable of producing strong associations and triggering memories, smell really is unique. It’s a form of emotional alchemy!

Q: Tell us a little about the line how it all connects with your memoir?

My memoir is story of how a teenager, originally from Brooklyn, views Iran from a completely westernized standpoint. It’s to show the importance of remaining true to yourself and fighting for what you believe in. I share my true story and all its hardships, setbacks, intimacies, and victories because in the end, they led me to security, hope and finally self-discovery.

We then connected that to my fragrances because my company, Desert35, is about self expression and being your true authentic self always- only in fragrance format. All3 lines are some kind of self expression whether you are creating the scent from scratch or using The Poppy Collection: power of authenticity line or Unrestricted Eau De Parfums.Desert35 in AROOS MagazineDesert35 in AROOS Magazine - FearlessDesert35 in AROOS MagazineDesert35 in AROOS MagazineDesert35 in AROOS Magazine

Q.Where and how can they purchase the customized scent for their wedding?

Our customized scents can be purchased by going to our website and submitting a form through our contact page on The next step is to set up a complimentary 15 min call to explain the process. Once that is complete we schedule a perfume consultation and take it from there with the personality and mood quiz.

Q: How do wedding planners get in touch with you if they want this for their clients?

We have an affiliate program in place and work with wedding planners across the country. Our team is great and will walk them through our program. Our affiliates love us because we offer such a unique take on gift-giving.


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