Desert35 Fragrances Live on Entrepreneur Podcast Network

It is with much excitement, we are sharing the news that Desert35 Fragrance Founder, Sharon Farsijani, has been interviewed by Entrepreneur Podcast Network.

Desert35 Fragrances Featured on EPN

The Entrepreneur Podcast Network (EPN) has been a PR voice for many business professionals for over 6 years now. EPN has been recognized internationally as the go to source and platform for interviews according to the needs of small, medium business, Fortune 500 and large corporations.

Sharon Farsijani, CEO and Co-Founder of Desert 35 Fragrances, a customizable perfume for all occasions joins Enterprise Radio to talk about bringing value and experience into your product.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Sharon Farsijani discuss the following:

  1. What made you start Desert35 Fragrances?
  2. What is the detailed process behind Desert 35 and how did this process come about?
  3. How do people find you? How can they buy your product?
  4. Who are your competitors? What is unique about you and how you differentiate yourself?
  5. Why do newlyweds need to have a wedding fragrance?
  6. If you had one piece of advice to someone planning an event that they want to make memorable, what would it be?

Sharon grew up in Brooklyn, NY and was a reporter for many years before diving into the world of fragrances. Upon returning to her hometown of New York City, she had been to so many weddings (either as a bridesmaid or guest) and various occasions that she wanted to create a product to seal the memory of the special day and show how much everyone involved in the process is appreciated. She used her bloodhound fragrance intuition and created a dynamic world of scent creation for individuals to express themselves through personality, mood and the feeling they desired to convey.

After months of creating the process, now, she opened this possibility up to you to find your perfect combination and everything in between. Helping newlyweds and individuals create a unique and indispensable gift is a special feeling- just one whiff of the custom scent and they are automatically transported back to their special day! All clients, couples, guests, and bridal parties truly appreciate and value it – just as much as Sharon values bringing a smile to their face! In her book, it’s all about being your true authentic and creative self!

Listen to the full interview, Desert 35 Fragrances: Bringing Value and Experience into your product, by clicking here


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