This international best selling memoir from Poppy Farsijani explores her journey as an Iranian born and Brooklyn raised young woman who returns to her native city of Tehran along with her parents who have grown concerned that they were raising an Americanized young woman. Upon landing Farsijani is swept into another time and suffers from a shocking culture crash. Within months, Poppy realizes that education is the only freedom for a young woman there, attends college and is quickly hired as an on-air television anchor. Throughout her meteoric rise she meets men and women who thrive on trying to stop her. In the end her refusal to participate in mandatory Islamic rituals in the workplace led to her termination. Soon after, Farsijani was arrested on the streets of Tehran for wearing red lipstick.

A fascinating journey of a reluctant feminist turned fragrance founder!


Poetry collection: LACKING LIPS OF TIME



The book is a stretched and deep dive into a starry, earthy, and surrealist world of joy. Always existing but never used and somehow decaying. These streams of poems will generously open the gateway of sensuous tropical lines of the soul. Now, its time to put on spectacles of intense passion to discover provocative and emotional states described through images and poignant associations. Step into the mystery but don't forget to enjoy the wonder.